My new Bershka blogpost is online now. Last year I have made a great serie of healthy fit tip posts at their blog named SO FIT WITH SO CEE. You can read them all at their blog if you search for this name. Click here to read my new Bershka blogpost about rescheduling your lifestyle and the best thing? You can download SO CEE’s rescheduling calendar here. 🙂

But the really best thing? You can hire me as your lifestyle coach. I can help you with your food and sport goals. No crash diets but living a creative, healthy and fit lifestyle. The people I helped by now are really glad with their new lifestyle and hopefully I can inspire you as well. It’s so much fun and more easy then you probably think. Contact me by e-mail: and hopefully I hear from you soon.

Happy new you!! XX Love, SO CEE

‘I think the most important thing is that you just have to recognize that living a healthy lifestyle will make you more energetic. If you treat your body with food from nature and doing exercise enough, the inner you will be so gratefull for that.

Life is a present like all the X-Mas boxes so take this time to think about what goals you would like to reach out for in 2016. Don’t push yourself too hard and remember it has to be fun and fit your daily dosis of life.’

Special outfit thanks: Bershka & photographer Erik Breuer