SPECIAL THANKS: Column @100Brillen Thomas Donders
FASHION: Lee Jeans by Fancy Farmers NAILS: VN Nails
PHOTOGRAPHY: Roy van der Wens / Model: SO CEE Carmen Heystek

We are wishing you an amazing 2017! First of all we are SO proud to announce that 2017 will bring you much more great things! Fashion looks, recipes, coolstuff, spiritual blogposts, sport tips, columns and love from all people working together with SO CEE. We are really thankfull you are all supporting us. Spread the love, the goodvibes, the mental and body balanced health, a lot of laughter and share your tears. Remember; we can only grow if we fall. If we dare to stand up and work hard for it. Let’s rock into a new year. 

White life pages don’t give strength!
It makes you georgeous!