SO I would love to tell you the story about this first collaboration with Bershka.
I think you all know I just launched my blog almost 3 months ago. After I did the second photoshoot for OUT OF MY STYLE (this is one of the main subjects at my blog), and posted these pictures on Instagram & Facebook which are linked to my blog, I received an email. The subject said: “SO CEE you’ve been selected by Bershka”.

Erik Breuer, the photographer told me I had to use more hashtags but I didn’t know, I just had an Instagram account for 3 weeks I guess. I felt like a kind of a geek into Social Media and because I work at an IT company, I’ve learned a lot about SPAM mails. Haha I wanted to delete this email first because my colleagues are telling me all the time not to trust a foreign email, especially if there is a ZIP-file attached. SO; haha now I probably can warn you with that. Never open this file if you don’t know the sender of this email. It can damage your computer/laptop and more worse, the whole server environment!

But then I didn’t saw any file attached. I just started to read and thought;

“Wow, if this is real, this would be SO cool!!”

I couldn’t believe it was real but after a few calls, Skype conversations and lots of mailing with this lovely women Chloé, I knew it was. She is so friendly and asked me if I would like to make a sporty fit post for Bershka in their new sportswear. OH YES!! Offcourse I would love to do that! The new collection of Bershka looks amazing! Wauw thereby it fits perfectly! I am proud to show you their stunning sportscolletion and I would love to influence this world through the Bershka blog, with healthy & fit sport tips. To share my sport tips with the world, it means so much to me!

I became a pro in knowing what is good for your body and mind; eating super healthy and stay fit. That’s the core of your life. It has brought me so far! Sometimes you have to get a bit out of your comfortzone to stay in balance. Life is not that easy all the time and you have to work hard for it but taking care of yourself is the biggest present you can give to yourself. Or actually; life is the best gift! 🙂 Just make the best of it!

SO CEE my first sport tip at the Bershka blog, read the story there and hopefully I’ll see you soon again. Ciao, powerman & fitchicks!! Love, SO CEE xx

P.s. Thank you Bershka for the amazing post! And photographer Erik Breuer for the stunning pics (and all the fun we had :))

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