‘Eye contact is more intimate,
 then words will ever be.’


‘If you can’t find the right words,
just speak with your eyes.


“He said there are only 2 days in life nothing can be done. One is called yesterday.

The other one is called tomorrow. SO today is the right day to love, do and mostly live.”
Dalai Lama

Life gave us freedom. Freedom to choose love.
We don’t need the understanding and words of others.

There is no explanation for love. For who we love. Love the ones that makes you happy.

Those who don’t agree just need more intimacy and love for themselves.

Our body is a powerfull love machine.

It can hugg, kiss… No words are needed.


Special credits: @10Bags / Dry Lake / BrandStudio Fashion / VN Nails
Photography: Roy van der Wens