This package includes 2 live sessions which can also be choosen to be expiernced on distance . If you live for example abroad or too far away, this can be optional. I prefer and love to share it live with you when it is possible because then we can add a full experience. This will include physically and gently touching your precious body with high divine frequencies which can cause interesting responses, listening to a personal channeled song for you, live sound healing with instruments, eating a healthy homemade vegan pie and offcourse; the opportunity to really feel seen and heared during both of our presence while sharing our most vulnerable authentic self.

Freebird Healing

During this first live session we dive deep into the wounds and blockages of your soul history. We travel not only through present timelines but also past lifes where still parts want to be seen. The unresolved parts of history play still important roles into the person we are today. All responses we have, not only the positive but also the fear-based ones, all over or under emotional expressions, all identities we play, all masks and defense mechanims we carry and all beliefsystems we hang onto, have an attachment into one of our memories of ourselves and/or our familysystem.

While you can relax receiving this healing, a beautiful team of divine lightbeings are assisting us to help you into healing deeper core wounds. We invite your soul to show us where your loveful attention is needed. This can invite you to embrace an emotional aspect, find more clarity into your thinking patterns, release co-dependency cords, soften from a hurtful heartbreak, pain relase of loosing someone dearly, unblock feelings of depression, overpleasing patterns, not daring to step into higher alignment of your mission, going through rough trauma from past lifes or other experiences that need a warm light.

Mostly the soul is not incarnated fully into our bodies due to past (traumatic) experiences. In this healing we place an intention to invite trauma wounds and unresolved karma so we can anchor your soul deeper into your body. Often people don’t take a good care of themselves which results in physical disfunction or disbalances. During this session we are going to honor the body to become the Temple of your soul. She not only is your crystal house to live in, but she also is your amazing vehicle to travel.

This session can ask a lot of energy of the body. Afterwards a deep inner journey will unfold to uncover all layers and emotions that need your full soft, loving and nourishing awareness. It can be a rough but enlightened ride because it will invite you to build a stronger sense of inner safetyness and rebuild your own fundament. It will help you ground on mother earth and helping overcome fears of being alive. If you dare to go on this ascension ride, as it is said; it can free your soul into your body like a bird; with angelic wings as a human being. 🙂

Time: +/- 4 hours

Rainbow Healing

In the second healing session of this package, the Rainbow Healing, which you can attend when you are ready after a personally chosen time of healing and processing, we are aligning all your chakra’s with eachother. It feels like we give even more stabilization to the system after the Freebird Healing. We heal burdens and disturbances of the chakra’s which is important because they are a funnel to filter our in and outcoming energy.

Due to traumatic experiences sometimes the roots of a chakra can be damaged, The tube can be depleted or lowered in their energy. Sometimes they even replaced themselves or overworked helping another part of the body recovering. They assist us in having a physical, emotional, mental en spiritual healthy flow of energy.

It is a very loveful journey which you can receive while laying down and being touched with high frequencies of light. With physical touch, live sound healing, essential oils and blessing from the God Source, you are guided to travel into even more unseen parts. It is also possible that we hit lost soul parts and bring qualities back into your awareness.

Time: +/- 4 hours

Selfinvestment: € 777,- price package of 2 sessions
Note: You can start with these 2 sessions before you fully say ‘YES’ to the Golden Healing Programm if you prefer that. With so much love for you, we appreciate you in your choice.
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To most people this journey is much softer then the first one but it still is a deep invitation to heal. The healings itselves are actually really lightful, soft and loveful. But the journey that unfolds in the days, weeks, months afterwards, is the one that is asking a lot of your awareness and attention to break some parts open. It can slow you down to take rest, having physical, mental and emotional releases. It helps you to grow into your level of consciousness. That is why all programms are build up in this way to help you into this unfolding of higher knowing and feeling. All your senses, dna and cells are receiving many upgrades with Pure Crystal Christ Diamond Light to expand.

Once you say yes to a (new cycle of) healing, your ascension process will start immediately. It is not that it didn’t start before you came visiting me or someone else to receive a healing. It just starts on a new and mostly much deeper level. We all have the right of free will and with this free yes, the universe, God, will invite you into a new cycle of healing. Therefore you will be mirrored and exposed to a lot of triggers into challenging situations. With that we are going to learn and unlearn so many things. We will release so many roles we play, old outdated beliefs, coping mechanism, attachments, seperation wounds and many more… All the people and circumstances we meet have a higher purpose, assisting us into our process. The aim for all these experiences is helping us grow to come back home into union with ourself and all around, which is a mirror to ourselves. You are one with another. You are one with God/Goddess. You never were seperated from anything or anyone, but we will be triggered in releasing the illusions that hold us there. We are invited to see the reality of duality. Two life forces that come out of a creative fuel of wholyness; in the middle of the center of the truth from God.

To me God is the unity of all. Light and dark are also one. We are born out of unconditional love with each of us, serving a purpose. All my healings are given in cooperation and guidance with beautiful light beings from different dimensions. All work in alignment with the Christ Consciousness Unity. What will happen during a journey, is each time also a suprise to me. I am not a medium but a channel who is also just like you, exploring life and walking my path of ascension. I open myself to all teachings and I like to dedicate myself to the learnings. I like to astrally and spiritually travel to assist in the connection and deeper understanding between people and all colorfull dimensions, creatures and truths.