Have you never been rebellious? Oh no really? SO sorry for you 😉 Haha shocked? NO you should not be! It’s not that bad as the word sounds like right? Rebellious means probably you were looking for something that would boost up your life. You probably saw a chance to run away from a stressfull, boring life or wanted to rechange the inner you. We allready know it will not be the perfect solution but in that moment it feels like heaven. Just letting it all go and then…. BAM!! NO what did I do? Pff I feel ashamed…


Even when it was a bit bad, you probably learned your lesson right? Sometimes we hurt people so bad, we hate ourselves endlessly for that. How is it possible that they are most of all the ones we really love?! I also did it. YES I am guilty! I’m sometimes still rebellious and I hate this about me. I try to accept this type of person in me as well.

Through doing rebellious things, it doesn’t mean you are the worst person on this planet. Maybe on that moment you feel like you are but try to accept you can’t be perfect all the time. How boring would life be if you are? Any way… Try to say sorry to your loved ones and try to win their hearts back. Let them know you feel really sorry and also try to love yourself again. Sometimes they will not accept your appologize but you still have to accept what you did. Life is rough but be strong.



So how can you see this world like that even when you hate yourself? You are probably not inspired by your stupid way of acting right? Step on the bridge and don’t try to look behind you. Life has endless possibilities and chances as Alix said. So keep this endless way of water behind you in your mind. Enjoy all things that are passing bye like the water under your feets, the wind, traffic, flying birds…

All your bad thoughts will pass by probably as well. That’s oké! Rethink. What did you do wrong? Was it that bad? What can you learn from it?

Don’t look back too much. Learn from your past. Life is making you stronger. You are still you, but different now. One day you will turn around and accept what you did.


Turn around, say sorry and take life as an endless road of new possibilites.

Sometimes you just litterally have to live on the edge to refocus and feel how beautiful life is actually. Live rebellious sometimes. It can make the inner you more beautiful. You have a story to tell. You can’t rewrite a page but you can write a new chapter. We are surrounded by endless possibilities and most of all surrounded by our loved ones! Be gratefull if they give you another chance. Take your pencil. Write a new chapter. Make it count!


Outfit: Shirt @AlixtheLabel , leather pants @FreshTilburg, scarf @ZARA
Sneakers @Re-IssueTilburg

Photo credits: @rebel Erik Breuer