'Liefde is de essentie van wie we zijn. Eenheid is de sleutel naar het hart.´

- Carmen Heystek -


Your soul freely has choosen to be part of a huge ascension shift. You came down with a mission to be in service. We are multi-galactic beings, re-opening our hearts to embody the highest essence of love. It is the home coming of our pure divine feminine and masculine energy. We are healing a lot of traumatic wounds, patterns and beliefs of our innerchild, ancestors, past lifes and the collective field. Besides we are breaking free from false matrixes.

Most of us lack the feeling of being safe, seen, loved, confident, protected, nurtured and understood. We experienced many lifetimes unhealthy control dynamics which disempowered us. We were emotionally suppressed for a long time. This healing package will open up many layers to rebuild a safe inner Temple to your soul. It can invite you to a 180 degrees transformational new ways of being, relating and living. A lot of fear based programms and conditioned concepts will fall apart. You will be re-aligned with the highest source while anchoring your lightbody in a fundamental base of uncondional love. It is the re-awakening of the pure Christ Consciousness Unity.

Path of the High Priestess

You deserve to receive so many blessings. You are the source of unconditional love. You have a mission to lead. You are here to give expression to your beautiful being, sensuality and qualities. You have a voice that is not a background echo but a divine sound to be heard.

You are the portal of pure Christ Consciousness light. You are a great teacher in assistance to God-Goddess. Each life lesson in dark and light, brings us wisdom back to unity.

You are the builder of Heaven on Earth. If you want to live your true essence here, the Path of the High Priestess might be your calling! It is our birthright to live free, unconditioned and in charge of our own power. This healing package is a ticket to self & cosmic mastery. You are going to refill your own cup of selflove. Within this new sense of selfworth, you are more able to attract abundance on each level. During these beautiful healing sessions, we dive deep into your soul to touch all the shadow layers which hold you from stepping into your highest timelines. Become a Queen of Magdalene and Isis.