To fall in love is easy. To stay in love is dedication. Falling in love is real but it doesn’t mean it is true love. If we fall in love that is the truth about how we feel in the moment. The special feeling that comes up is one of the most amazing things you can ever enjoy. We don’t have to deny this special feeling. We better enjoy it as much as we can.  

Into this journey we are invited to find our truth about ourselves and this connection. Sharing emotional bounding, deep conversations and intimacy together opens up so many blocks, hurts and also positive energy into our bodies. To witness this and travel deep into these amazing opportunities is always a chance of healing. If we feel seen and loved through another that is making our heart shine like a golden burst of light. 

During my life I experienced the difference between my maiden and mature woman love. It takes effort to step into our mature masculine and feminine love, while holding space to our innerchild. To ask ourselves, if we really love someone or if we long for something to be anchored in ourselves which the other person is mirroring us. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop this connection or that you don’t like eachother. It is never wrong to fall in love even though these pieces are still there. Each connection will shine a light on these parts so that is only an amazing opportunity.

People will meet eachother always accordingly to a higher soul plan. Each love has a purpose even though the length, depth or form. The beauty of meeting eachother has higher meanings to yourself, the other, your surroundings, the collective and your mission due to all you can learn into this. Alle love experiences count us as a blessing. It is here to teach us the truth, importancy and meaning about love. It also teaches us where we long for so much in where we don’t see, reject, fulfill and love ourselves.   

True love can grow into a more conscious connected equalivalent partnership where love can be equally shared. To reach this stage together both must be willing to take responsibility of their own unhealed pieces and  triggers within the relationship. It takes a lot effort to overcome these stages, difficult times and life situations together. It asks you each time to meet eachother on a new level and to refall in love again with eachother. The hardest thing is not to let go and to fall in love again but to remain faithfully connected to this journey. 

As a child we are born without filters. I love their energy because it is like they bring heaven on earth. They still remember the wholeness and connection of us all as one. They are dependent on the love and care of their parents so we as a grown up. if we don´t take mature charge from our inner father and mother energy, we can still live according to these patterns.

If we don’t nurture our innerchild into these knowings, she/he can hold ourselves into these patterns and longings. Not that it is all fault or an illusion. But not waking up in the reality of growing up and being anchored on the earth in a much lower frequency then our full angelic soul spirit, can be damaging to ourselves if we don’t also face the truth about the timelines, mature lives and fields that we live in.  Our innerchild reminds us about the possibility and truth about that we are never separated and that we are one. She learns us the importancy of commitment, bounding and family. We are asked to help this special child inside us, We can show him/her that being grown up is oke and that we can still like our innerchild self. We can learn us despitefully that people here still do experience these duality feelings due to past (life) traumatic experiences and old thinking patterns. 

So due to our innerchild quality which also helps us to rebuild a more loveful and oriëntated world, We can romanticize our love because we want to be it like we remember and long for. Sometimes we deny the truth because our soul truth is a higher knowing … and besides also due to our innerchilds cravings.  

On the other hand It can also be that we don’t see the truth about our partnership love because we reject falling in love or opening our heart to someone that triggers us. That doesn’t mean that this person is not your love. That person is probably your biggest challenge. Most people don’t choose this love or end these relationships because taking charge over your inner conflicted self is too intense to handle.  That is when you are faced with your own wounds.

A lot of people stop loving eachother when these layers come to the forefront. Actually the love is not over but the hurt grows. Sometimes situations into these dynamics break you both into pieces. You project both your pain onto eachother and the depth of this connection can be too much to handle. It shows you the unresolved wounds into yourself. This to me is the most beautiful love connection you can experience but it is a difficult ride. Both need to really see the transparency of the wounds their love opens.  

If you fall in love you can besides loose yourself in it. Especially when you don’t feel confirmed about this love or that you lack selfconfidence. You are going to take roles upon you and leave the partner place. You are longing to be loved so much that you do everything you can to let this work. You are starting overgiving, pleasing, making yourself smaller and rescue the other. That can be too much and not a wanted feeling to your partner. Most of the times this is your innerchild asking for your attention. That piece of you that is still hurted on deeper levels and needs your care.

We long lots of times for a part of someone that they unconsciously show us, being anchored in ourselves. You long for being seen, heared, understood and to fill up your own emptyness and pieces that still need your own affection. We make others most of the time unconsciously responsible for that. The truth sometimes is that when we find these pieces into ourselves back again, how the connection will unfold afterwards. Then sometimes you can see another confronting truth behind it or the connection can even strenghten. Both are still amazing learning cycles! And we should always be grateful for that and the other person.

Falling in love is to me the most beautiful part of life. Each love is different and can feel like the most romantic overwhelmed love you ever had experienced. Looking into eachothers eyes and don’t need words to share. To feel special to someone  That is beautiful!  

True love to me is build on sharing lots of life experiences together. Not only the happy quick sensations, positive high pink glasses ones but most of all the raw, vulnerable, challenging breaking points with so much depth and understandings where new cycles of connection are born.

True love is holding and seeing eachother while one is going through rough times, having an illness, when we loose people around us, while you are afraid to go through your depths or to open your heart, when you doubt your path of life, when you can’t reach your feelings, when longings difference but you try to find a middle, where you need space to yourself and you give eachother freedom to explore… true love asks us to be there for eachother and to love not only the other but to start loving ourselves. As the other is us, it starts with us. True love rememberes eachother this while letting all be there to refind. 

To fall in love with blanc pages and sparkling eyes is easier then writing novels of all colors together. That is a true love book with a golden edge of committed love, filled with scares and broken pieces.  In my life I have learned that we can’t force someone to love us. We can’t convince someone about our love. Both can share a different vision and that is what we need to accept. When you want a sacred committed partnership, both need to be ready and willing to go through all layers.

Love is not a way of attracting through push and pulling. Love is a magnetic experience which can cause push and pulling into the triggers that are underneath. The truth about love will always be an amazing journey. Love has different meanings to everyone. It can be shared in many forms and conditions and that is amazing.  

To me a true partnership love asks for a strong fundament. In that case a lot can be shared. This love is free as it is the energy of love itself. It is an unconditional love with healthy boundaries. Love respects and honors eachother. Love is a merging of energy in a divine partnership who is asking full commitment. To take responsibility to see your own and dare to witness eachothers shadows while not rejecting or pushing eachother. It invites open communication to share your awareness. It asks to consciously take charge.   

Love asks us to don’t want to have the highest word, to place yourself into the other and try to understand on deeper levels. It invites to replace yourself when you stand on an unwanted or unasked place. To soften but also to share sacred anger. To stand for your worth while holding the others worthiness, to find space and new clarity and possibilities even when things get rough. To witness refinding eachother in the middle of the truth looking for answers   
To hold space into all relationship dynamics, to solve our pieces, to not chase or run away but to open for the all-encompassing love experiences and triggers.

True love between people is mentioned to build up during your relationship cycle. Therefore we need sometimes the most difficult situations. That is when we meet the most vulnerable self and other. That is when our novel can be filed with true meaning and afterwards published as an award.   

Note that all love relationships and life experiences lead us to one truth. To the core center of God/Goddess. To the merging and wholyness of oneness. To inner divine union and divine union partnership.

I love to help couples with refinding eachother. To really open up, take responsibility for your process while strengthening your relationship. Feel free to contact me to share your intentions and to find some healing options that suit for you both. A lot of people love to both plan one-on-one sessions and besides attend a love couple ceremony.

Enjoy your love ride to the fullest!

Love, Carmen

Photography: Lieve Photography