Also this package includes 2 distance healings which can be compared with the divine father & dark divine masculine set. But in this case, we heal the mother and female family lineage line from a place of your innerchild. After this deep process you are ready to anchor a time later, your dark mature divine feminine during the 2nd healing session. Note that this package is part of the Golden Healing Programm.

During the first healing we pay attention to the connection with our earthly-physical mother, Mother Earth (Gaia) and the cosmic mother. The cosmic mother is the divine mother. Healing with the cosmic mother creates a stronger spritual connection to life and within your own divine feminine energy. You can also experience more softness, beauty, love, care and nourishment of her presence.

Healing is important for both; women and men. It sets deeper unresolved or hurt parts between you and your mother in motion in order to be healed. We also heal wounds into the female family line.

In addition, we work deeper on inviting and re-encountering our inner feminine energy (YIN). This energy flow is very important to allow into ourselves. The yin energy gives her strength in indicating her desires, emotions, transformations, fertility and creation processes. The softness and subtlety of her spirit, also keeps the masculine energy secure, nurturing and balanced.

The healing reconnects you as a fetus in the womb of your mother. It is precisely the time of us as a fetus in the womb that is important. Not only to strengthen the connection with our mother and for our physical growth, but also to lay a foundation in our being and base into our chakra system. The first 1000 days after the moment of fertilization are the most important ones. Not only will we receive lots of history from our ancestors through dna transfer but also will we feel one with our mother through the umbellical cord. We can feel every sense of her presence.

Often in the womb we already take over thoughts, beliefs, patterns, fears, emotions and blockages of our mother from a great place of love and loyalty. However, you might carry something with you for the rest of your life (until you heal it and can give back from love), that is not yours. This overload will be too much for you and besides is a missed part that she cannot heal until it is hers again. There is no guilt, right or wrong in this. We all have pieces in this that we are allowed to recognize and acknowledge. During this session we will take a look at which luggage we can return. The base chakra will be more strengthened and overload will be transformed.

We will also work on recovering from any miscarriages, abortions and pregnancy traumas. We strengthen our own inner mother energy and lay a beautiful foundation that is all about inner nurture and fertility. This can have a positive effect on healing emotional wounds, make womb space to pregnancy wishes and give birth to the power of creation. You may experience more womb irritation, during and after the healing, such as cramps, premature bleeding / menstruation, abdominal pain which can be a release of blocked energy within.

By restoring the connection with the Cosmic Mother, your divine power of creation is even more strengthened. You remember your beautiful feminine more and more so you can welcome her even more deeply.

We work deeper on inviting and re-encountering our inner feminime (YIN). Through trauma, partly from this life but also mostly from history, we may have damaged, rejected, blocked, suppressed her. We will balance her energy in many qualities she offers which are in over or underload.

It may also be that we didn’t felt seen or rejected as a child. We therefore also pay more attention to the inner child traumas. When we cannot receive the mother energy, we are actually saying ‘No’ to being able to receive ‘life and life energy’ as this is connected to eachother. Also this energy is the important force that is also linked to the kidneys.

During the 2nd healing session, when your innerchild had time to heal on deeper levels within this connection to your mother, female family lineage and inner feminine energy, we invite your mature dark divine feminine energy. She is invited to be birthed into your beautiful body. She is the power of Godess Kali who anchors you deeper into the roots of mother earth. She is the dark force of creation who has a fertilization to expansion of your vision. She shows you clear awareness, seeiing and embodying your selfworth. She is the power of selffulfillment. She shows you where you are keeping yourself small and standing in the cold. She will birth you into new cycles of being your own best nurturer.

She doesn’t hold on co-dependency cords but she takes charges of her own inner-attachment through selflove. She releases all attachments she holds onto other making them responsible for how she feels. She will find her inner God/Goddess presence within. She is the love that is looking for in herself and with that she is able to find equivalent equal give and take relationships.

She is the wild woman energy who shares passion, playful intimacy and had a strong mentality. During this healing we let a deep storm flow through your thinking patterns and all that is not stable enough into your own fundament. She is your innermother and the divine feminime partner who puts herself out of all roles she takes, into her own sacred place to share with that divine union partnerships. She is the power of seksuality from within where seducions based on lust from lower chakra’s is a no to her. She will go for seducions which are based from the heart of unconditional love. That doesn’t mean her seksuality is only a soft way to approach. In fact she knows how to play rough without crossing boundaries because she has built them in herself and will respect and honor other ones.

So she is the gatekeeper with mystical secrets. Once you let her in, she is your most precious gift and female warrior from a grounded safe place of innerlove within. With that, she is able to hold space for each and everyone as a divine mother herself without forgetting her own true place and self.

Each healing session will take about +/- 2 hours. Normally it will take at least 2 weeks to a couple of months in between healing sessions to integrate the process. For each individual it is different what will come up during and after the session. You are invited in a deep journey so don’t try to force any duration or suppress any feelings.

We will plan a date and time and after that, you will receive an instruction about the set-up. Note that both sessions are distance healings. You can receive both healing sessions from your home place while I am also in my own Temple creating this lightfield together with the beautiful light beings and my dogg Balu; who is my dearest soulmate and guide. 🙂

Photography with love by Lieve Photography