This package is for both genders available due to the fact that we all have a father. Besides; as well men and women, contain both energies; male and female. We are build of one energy that is a merging of divine masculine and divine feminime energy. Our earth physical gender is a form for us to be here but in the core we are all build of the God/Goddess creation of one.

This ascension package includes 2 distance healings:

  1. Divine Father & Divine Masculine Healing
  2. Dark Divine Masculine Healing

During the first healing we pay attention to heal the connection with our earthly and cosmic father. The cosmic father is the divine father. Healing aligned with the cosmic father creates a stronger sense of trust and spiritual connection in life. Besides healing your inner divine masculine energy is important for both women and men. This healing not only strengthens your own inner divine masculinity but it also deepens the bounding within the relationship between you and your father. Many unresolved pieces, unshared emotions, unspoken words between both of you, can come up to the forefront. Out of a place of loyalty youyr innerchild mostly carries old beliefsystems, wounds, emotions and trauma’s of your family lineage. These things that can take much of your energy, are put in the light to uncontionally give back to your father and masculine ancestors in order to be healed.

In addition, we work deeper on inviting and re-encountering our inner masculine energy (YANG). This energy flow is very important to allow into ourselves. The yang energy adds its strength in indicating boundaries, one’s own will, the inner fire, abundance, manifestation and keeps the feminine energy in protection and balance. Due to much over-energy in ego, manipulation, abuse and power, mostly in parts from past lifes and history, we may have damaged, rejected, blocked, suppressed or hidden our masculine energy.

Events have an impact on how our soul, body and well-being functions. Our cells and dna carry still information from our ancestors and all selfmade memories. Due to trauma, soul parts can also temporarily dissociate, split off or lock up. It is therefore important to heal certain traumas or other experiences that have had a lot of (negative) impact, so that the body can return in its wholeness again. This allows you to experience more relief. By releasing old pain, emotions, beliefs, outdated programming, the soul and body remembers how to secure the male energy and how to receive and use this energy. It may also be that we didn’t felt seen or rejected as a child. That is why during this session we also pay more attention to the inner child and taking one’s own place in the family system. When we cannot receive the father energy, we are actually saying ‘No’ to ‘being able to receive from the world’ and ‘No’ to an important force of our body.

During the second healing we invite the mature masculine energy. This will bring in a divine masculine rebirth into the body. After the first healing when we healed much energy from your innerchild within the male familyline, we are now ready to receive our more mature masculine energy.

The dark divine masculine is a mature energy who is ready to face his strenght. He contains the spirit of the lion power. He knows his amazing power of leadership. Meeting him. you will build up stronger boundries, a healthy energy of dominance, innerfire and a natural protection mechanism. You will be your own mentor with a more stable, grounded fundament, releasing co-dependency and emotional attachment. With this energy you are also more suitable to create a life living in a flow of abudance.

Both healing sessions take each about 2 hours. It is advised to at least hold 2 weeks in between both healing sessions. We will plan a date and time and after that, you will receive an instruction about the set-up. Note that both sessions are distance healings. You can receive both healing sessions from your home place while I am also in my own Temple creating this lightfield together with the beautiful light beings and my dogg Balu; who is my dearest soulmate and guide. 🙂

Note that this package is part of the Golden Healing Programm.