The High Priestess is connected to the energy of the rose. She is the Goddess of softness, love, fertility, sensuality, mother-hood, birth, nourishment, playfulness, creativity and so much more. Her Shakti-Khali power can be known as a grounded energy that is wild and fearless. She doesn’t let anything or anyone stop her from living her mission. She just makes a choice to live her highest timelines. She attracts abundance in each form because she feels she is worthy of it! She claims her spot in life because she sees her beauty and true power. She is not looking for validation outside herself and she it putting down the masks to be accepted by others.

If you feel the calling to take back charge fully of your own cup of selflove, this can be a great challange. During this healing programm you will even birth more of your inner divine feminine energy. You are mirrored to become who you truly are. Not lowering your selfworth any longer but taking back your place which you deserve! You will be invited to stop manipulating yourself and others. It is a deep dive into your own shadow self. Take time for reflection on your innerworld so you can make important changes. It is the end of controlling and projecting. It is the start of inner trust and confidence. It is an awakening of a big part of your kundalini energy. Your seksual fire can become warm enough to be your life fuel. You will remember that you are the divine source of love, the holy marriage of God-Goddess energy, yourself.

During this beautiful ascension package, you will be initiated by the Royal Queens of Magdalene and Isis. Together with them you are Mastering a lot of wisdom to live in alignment to the ‘Path of the High Priestess’. All healing sessions contains distance healings. This includes:
Ascension package 4: Sacred Womb & High Priestess Initiation
Ascension package 5: Selfmastery
Ascension package 6: Mastery of Union & Cosmic Mastery

The packages includes 8 distance healing sessions and (online/app) coaching in total. Note that this package can only be booked after fully completing the Golden Healing traject – Path of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.
It is a high priestess journey of a lifetime!
You will receive further instructions after signing up to. Mail to:

Personal investment: € 3.333,- including taxes