Love is like a movie. “Come and take my hand my love. I will take you into my world. My world is a bit crazy. I know there is a dark side but I prefer seeing it like a cocoon surrounding us. If you stay strong no matter what, you will pass on to the next part. A new set with people sitting in a chair watching over us. Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 … They will give us new opportunities. Yeah I know it sounds like Alice is kind of the bigger version of me. She was not afraid going from big to small in a big big world right?! Then why should I or we …? If we color up this Wonderland…

Keep believing that the rainbow is like a cocoon holding the dark sky away from attacking us.


But if it does (sometimes); don’t be afraid. It might bite you, hurt you, make you cry, angry, disappointed and scared but it will never take your hand as tight as I do. Trust me. I will give you my heart and all the love I can give. Do you see this amazing view into the big nature field?

Let us explore what is behind this field. Let each fall and step into the unknown make us shock but never let us slip away. If it does; come closer. Let us kiss, make love and touch our soul. It will make us stronger. It will be us together, forever in our movie.

‘Movies are unbreakable
but our love will never be.’

You just need to let go this fear: ‘The End’. That will be the worst part of the movie. Don’t imagine that or if you do, keep believing that there will be a good end of our story. No matter what, our chapters will be written in gold. You make my movie no matter what, a damn good one.

so_cee_carmen_heystek_lifestyle_blog_fashion_outfit_tips_styling_indian_drylake_modeblog_fitgirl_recept_glutenvrij_coeliakie_balans_100brillen_column_amsterdam_film_verfilmd-2I will accept each part of it even though it will hurt me. You are amazing and if life decides I am not the girl of your dreams anymore, just let me go. Real love also means to let go and support the happiness of each soul.

‘This special bound can be broken
by a choice or an unexpected new chapter.’

We will accept that and survive it all if it’s upto me. I will fully enjoy each moment we share. Behind ‘The End’ there will be us again. You and I will be reunited anyway. Remember?
Just hold my hand darling.

SPECIAL THANKS: Column: 100Brillen Thomas Donders
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Photography: Roy van der Wens
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