It’s like 2 cats are fighting in our minds constantly. Or for most of us well known as the tiny sweet angel and warning devil in our brain. Dogs and human can’t handle cats right? Offcourse they are not there but it’s us who create these fantasy icons. In fact there are not 2 but 5 limiting factors in lifestyle goals. It can be anything that is holding us down to achieve optimal results. SO what are you talking about shorty? Oké you have to figure out your point of weakness. What is keeping you from succeeding?

Special outfit thanks: Earring @MvdT jewelry / jeans @2NDone by BrandStudio Fashion / lingerie top @Urban Outfitters Photocredits: Roy van der Wens

SO besides these 5 limiting factors you know we all are a made of a perfectly difficult body science material thing. Offcourse we needed our parents to build DNA and these genetics decide a lot of things in your life(style). But we can’t blame it all to our parents right? Social environments play a role as well.

So there are 5 factors possibly holding you down to reach goals like for example losing fat or gain muscles.  The important thing is that your mind needs help first to reach your body performance goals. If you don´t figure out your weakness point, it will be hard. Body and mind work together so if you do, you will feel so full of positive energy! I am sure you can handle the red angry scary person inside. SO I am giving you one factor tip.

Is your limit factor ‘Genetic Make-up’?
It doesn’t mean you are wearing too much
make-up haha! 🙂

Genetic make-up means that there is no genetic limit for anyone. In fact we all can change and improve highly! Our health, body composure and performance can be changed SO damn good by your innerstrength. You can but you just have to find the will to work hard for it! Or better said; the weakness point in your brain that is saying; You can’t.

I am sure you can! Oké then last point of argue…
I see you smiling now  >> We just can’t all become a super hero! There can only be a few in the world if it’s in sport, business, relationships, anything. The top looks nice right? But you know what? You probably need more make-up to stand on the top!

You don’t have to but a lot of us feel understandingly pressure (from the environment) to do so. SO just want to positively influence you by telling you; wearing less make-up or reaching a less higher score or successtory in life is oké. If you know about yourself that you work so hard, if you would be honoust to your body and mind you did all you could (probably you do!), you can be proud! We don’t need layers of make-up to shine.

We don’t need to be perfect but we can perfectly work hard. 🙂

Love, xx SO CEE