This is the last birthed session within one of my deepest inner journeys and awakenings, that I have ever experienced in my life. After a deep release of unprocessed sacred anger, pain of rejection, seperation, past crossed boundaries and a fear of being fully alive, there is a magical beauty waiting for you. From not holding in longer your sense of belonging and selfworth, you are ready to step fully in your power.

First there will be an invitation for you to embody your dark divine feminine energy. To claim back your life insurance and elixer that you might have lost as a soul. To resign for your freedom to be here. To no longer saying yes, to a place that is lowering your true nature.

First you will take back that place within your own family system and life by acknowleging your true desires and old identies, survival strategies and roles. This reflection will make you step into a choice of free will. Are you ready to say ´YES´ to your very own self? To catch what is yours and stand for the gateway to love and union. To start living from truly honoring yourself and receiving the love from your ancestors. Releasing the heavy weight of your shoulders.

From this moment you are ready to travel through an amazing Cosmic Gate that will be opened for you. Together with Yeshua, Maria Magdalene, Isis and other spirits of the Law of One, we are guiding you within this transition. There can be emotional and physical confrontations for you to understand why you can not keep yourself any longer, in old ways of living. The energy, peace and harmony that will come back for you, will give a huge smile on your face. Most clients experience a deep release when they enter the Cosmic Gate. A true home coming towards yourself. A divine blessing and rebirth for you to walk into a new cycle, from a more balanced, mature and strengthened core-center, with deep grounded roots.

This session is part of the Golden Healing Programm, which makes this amazing circle round and complete. This session is a combination of a Cosmic Christ Lightfield, Family and Elements Constellation work. Your intention is the key to the unfolding of this new pathway.

This last healing session of this package is the initiation before you attend the Path of the Rose; the High Priestess journey. I feel grateful to share this second programm with the ones that feel this deep heart calling. Also men can attend this journey of the ‘High Priest’. This will be a bit different but still the same intention and alignment. Note that this is a deep sacred experience. Dedication is really important as it can shake up a lot of things inside of you and within your ‘realities’.

This will be for the ones that feel a true alignment with their heart; your souls calling. The path of the Rose is an initiation in the Sacred Womb, Higher Alignment Kundalini, Selfmastery, Mastery of Union and Cosmic Mastery.

It also is a pathway to twinflame union and sacred partnership. For that inner calling, I would like to recommend to add both Twinflame Healing sessions. A path of the Rose is one of truly belonging and allowing yourself to be here as your true self. To be in service of love and union as the High Priest/Priestess within you. To create your own forms and ways to share this Christ Consciouss Union truth.

How this will unfold for you is an unique mystery to surrender to. It is a deep inner study to explore your multidimensional qualities, cosmic wisdom and inner healing gifts. You will become more magnetic to all around. You will shine within your inner crystal diamond light, expanding and being grateful for many sacred life teachings and connections.

Life will unfold for you. You deserve to walk your highest truth, receiving and choosing your highest pathways.