MEET ME. I am the best protein dip you can make. I am made of 1 big spoon (sesam) Tahin, added with fresh ginger (grated), fresh juice of 1/2 lemon.

That’s all you need honey! Oh no, I forgot to say you can add another herb to make me spicy or sweet like Chili, Cayenne p., Coriander …  You can dip me with anything you like my dear….


Just keep me dippin’. I like veggies, chips, wok meals, fish …
or put me in goodmorning bowls! Or top me at your sandwich or whatever you like. 😀 I will match it, I promise.

Oh and did I forgot to say that I am SO in love? You sweet corn make me I want to dip you all nighty night. Oh my God there are 2 of you? #makememorecrazyh***eywouldya 😛

>> sweet corn: 27 minuten in boiled water, add some brown sugar to make it more sweet. #sometimesyoujustneedsomeguiltypleasure 😛so-cee-carmen-heystek-lifestyle-blog-gezond-healthy-recept-coach-afvallen-fashion-glutenvrij-glutenfree-balans-10

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