In Asia I did found the love for the “Pad Thai” and the friendly smile of the always happy looking chef. SO I thought let’s make one a bit different like that in a glutenfree and fodmap lower jacket. And offcourse one easy peasy fast preparing meal!

Everyone can be the smiling Thai now. 🙂


>> Cut 2 hands of mushrooms and white cabbage into slices.
>> Wok these veggies in olive oil (add garlic if you don’t have to eat fodmap low!)
>> Cut 1 apple into slices. Add this later including sea salt & black pepper.
>> Add 1 tablespoon peanut butter or tahin and 80ml soja cooking creme.
>> Serve with white sesam seed & coconut flakes.
>> Have a yay diner! 🙂

Dutch >> per persoon: 1/2 bakje champignons in plakjes snijden + 2 bladen witte kool.
Wok dit in olijfolie met knoflook, zwarte peper en zeezout. Voeg rode appel reepjes toe.
Voeg later 1 eetlepel pindakaas + soja kookroom 80 ml toe. Lekker laten pruttelen en later opdienen met witte sesamzaadjes en kokosnoot rasp. 🙂 Xx SO CEE

Hopefully the world will smile one day as much as the Thai!