There are a lot off chats going about raw food. Like is it more healthy to eat raw in stead off cooking your veggies boiled, baked, grilled or any preparation? Without preparation you might win all vitamines and in our history, people used to eat all raw.  Foodexperts say eating raw is losing important vitamines like B12. That’s because most raw foodies eat vegan style. Fish and meat are full off these vitamins. Our Dutch Nutrition Center is saying: ‘Cooking veggies break down cell walls , causing the body so our body is able to absorb nutrients better.

Source: >>Heating of food makes almost never something positive for nutritional value, but it destroys many vitamins and enzymes , disrupts fat – and protein balance and is detrimental to color, taste and texture.Furthermore it is not made to eat cooked food. It arises toxins in the body and reduces the resistance. And what about all the chemical additives in the modal . . . supermarket food? “ __ Raw foodie Diana Store thank you for your chat!!

I think it’s a very interesting subject because I eat a lot of raw and vegan style. And besides I eat glutenfree, dairy/milk free (using Soja) and sugarfree (oké pinky honestly when there is chocolate I am cheating ;)) These choices really improved my health with a lot off plus ++++ points! Oké combining this with a lot off sport; powertrainings like 5 times a week and overwinning pain by mind and body resets. Food and sport are the 2 biggest loves off my life. <3 Yeah yeah, besides people, nature and offcourse all lovely things. But without these 2 things, we can’t enjoy loving the world missing these good healthy energy. These are the essential aspects off life.

Eating with your mind and treat your body with respect and good food! With my rheumatism and cocktail full off other sweets like Coeliakie, I decided from a very young age to not take medicine and try to improve my health all by food from nature, mind training and working out. It’s the present life has given me. I love to inspire others now and I am always thankfull for it, no matter how many pain and struggles there are.

‘Eat me raw‘ is what I can think when health is struggling with me. I will ‘always’ overwin this. I am like a small tiger. Come and beat me or I will eat you Rawwwwww. 😉 

No meat (only in special occasions), no grains (sometimes glutenfree ones like buckwheat for baking or rice when it’s a party cooking diner for friends) some fish but most of all I love eating all vegetables, beans, egg, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, seeds. A lot off them raw, some grilled, baked and really only sometimes; cooked like sweet potato for making glutenfree breads or veggies for making the best soups.  Like this

Make a spread off 1 big spoon sesam Tahin, hand full off fresh basil, black olives, half avocado, oregano. Mix this all together and add more spices if you like (Himalaya salt and black pepper f.e.) Offcourse you can spread it on your sandwich but eating this as a dip with raw foodies like paprika, tomatoas, mushrooms, zucchini, cucumber …. You will love this!! And remaining all these colors, wauw you like this right? 😉

I guess eating raw food is very good for your health. But besides the chosen preparation, I guess the most important thing is that you should always choose nature food above supermarket food (chemicals) and vary every single day. Look and listen to this nature. It is telling your body always what to choose best. Don’t be afraid to try and if it doesn’t work fine for you, try different another time or text me for questions: 🙂

Have a sunny day! Raw love <3 xx SO CEE