HEY FITFOODIES! Sinterklaas is comming to town. Just a few more days and all these Dutchies are having a nice evening with their loved ones; family, eating many sweet (guilty or not ;)) treats and if they have been really sweet; opening nice presents! I am sure you all have been, so here is my tiny present. Make this glutenfree pumpkin pie and treat yourself in a healthy way. I can hear him sing allready: “Wie zoet is krijgt lekkers, wie stout is de … “



Use one pumpkin and cut it in small pieces.  You don’t have to remove the pumpkin’s jacket 😉 it’s really tastefull actually! Bake this in coconut oil with cinnamon herbs. The pumpkin has to get a bit soft (eatable). Then put it in a bowl and mix it with 3 big spoons coconut sugar, 2 big spoons speculaas herbs, 200 grams off ricemeal, 3 eggs and 2 hands full off walnuts. Mix this all together and put 2 spoons of backing powder in it. SO easy!!


Get it set in the oven for 35-40 minutes 190 degrees. Serve it with coffee and enjoy your sweet healthy 5 December treat. I used baked flaked almonds on top of it. But how lovely would it be to get your kids downstairs and decorate this pie together with candy sweets? 🙂 Hope you like this a lot and enjoy these beautiful days! xx