CREDITS: 100Brillen columinst Thomas Donders
Fashion: sweater @Champion dress @Garcia Jeans 
by Fancy Farmers special thanks Maison Pr Shoes: Asics  Bag: Herschel
Photography: Roy van der Wens / Model: Carmen Heystek

Love and life learned me the best things right there when I got hurt.
I promised myself this. I am never going to wait again for someone, some day, some chance,
some luck … it is all just right here. It is in ourselves. SO take that bag!

If he isn’t ready to go for true love or doesn’t feel you as the person of his life,
you will just run away. Why? To give him back his freedom. To give him the chance to rethink about the situation, to start today with living and doing the things he love. But moreover for you! You can’t keep waiting. Go my sweet lovely people.

I am not saying you have to give up but take your chance to grow personally. If life doesn’t think it is your moment to … accept it and run forward. Life will definitely bring you to a better place or back together, reunited as two more healed souls. Love and life will be more beautiful if you find yourself first.