When you fall in love with someone …
You not only fall once, like
1: for that person …
But 2: When we loose the other person
we will fall again…

Deep and hard. Painfull with so many questions. Why did you let me fall?
The answers are not always there.
SO that is where we fall again.

3: Lost in tears. With a big question about the next nevel we will enter. SO what’s next? How can you stand up again?

How can you ever love someone else or put away your hope if you still feel a powerfull thing, like life was shocking you as a test.

Were we strong enough together? Was our love pure? How as it actually?

Can we believe someone if the fall was so hard, that what we had was for real? Questions end us up at level 0. Black, unknown. Stand up again.

We will never ever get that. And why should we even want to? If that person let you fall, that person will fight for you if the answer is colorfull when they will find out. If they do …

We have to let fall our lifebag first, solve our issues and then choose for love again. We can do it together but if one is not strong enough, you should walk on. We can’t wait. We can hope but if he/she will not come back for you … trust life!

Life will bring you something more beautiful. A new chance, a new start, together or alone. Remember: you probably needed the lessons to learn and to work on a mentally stronger you!

Not placing yourself down graded but truely be glad with who you are. Upgrade the inner you. In the end you will be glad because you did grow in ++ <3 so much! 🙂 Choose happiness. Love is endless. SO first love yourself.
I pinky promise you!

SPECIAL THANKS:Fresh Tilburg for these Fashion items: @Denham The Jeanmaker (green dress), skirt print @Alix the Label, Shirt pastel @Nikkie Plessen,
yellow dress Paris by Fresh Tilburg.
Others: sneakers @Nike. Last photo blouse: Primark.

Photography: Roy van der Wens / Modeling: SO CEE Lifestyle Carmen Heystek
Nails: VN Nails Tilburg