During this amazing sacred womb & high priestess journey, we are entering serveral inner gateways. The first healing session will invite you to travel through the vulnerable womb space. Women do have an amazing gift around their 2nd chakra which holds the power of giving birth. This as well is the quality of creation.

The Placenta is also known as your ‘Twin’ energy. She is your friend and protector during the cycle where you were a fetus. She nurtures you untill you are born. Cutting the umbilical cord, which is the cord that connects the baby to the Placenta, can be therefore a traumatic experience because you loose an important friend and care-taker. If it is severed too quickly, this can create a shock in the body and an energetic disconnection to the Earth.

During the first healing we will work on this above part and reconnect you to your twin-placenta and mother earth from a more safer place and softer way. Also we heal deep lying emotions into the womb space that create tension. As well we will touch your seksual organs to release trauma or blockages created from negatieve life experiences you have had.

We will work on fertilization and invite your maiden to become a woman. We will help her refinding a healthy balance and connection with your own flow of menarchy.

While you are the gatekeeper of your own body and seksuality, we love to deepen your friendship with her intimate secrets and (self-)pleasure. You are mirrored to release feelings of unworthyness and shame.

Also you will receive downloads and initiations into ascension qualities and layers. to home-becomming a Priestess.

After integration of this beautiful process which can take some time, we would love to invite you into higher initiations of the High Priestesses during the 2nd healing session. With coƶperation of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and many other loveful ascended priestesses, we are blessed to meet you in their Temples. There you will receive in alignment to your own soul purpose, qualities to heal yourself and expand your mission and consicousness. With these initations you will be leaded into an alchemical process. Each initiation is an important part of home-coming in the Cosmic Womb and Cosmic Heart. All is aligned to a birthing process of your own sacred feminine power assisting the pathway of divine union.

This package is part of the ‘Path of the High Priestess’. It can only be booked after fully completed ‘The path of the Divine Feminine & Masculine’ (Golden Healing traject). So after ascension package 3, you can continue with this, due to its higher initiations. This beautiful ascension ride includes 2 distance healing sessions with a pause of some weeks-months in between both sessions, to process the innerjourney.

Photography: Lieve Photography