About us:

Pleuni will take you on a journey with her beautiful voice and the help of various instruments.Everything is in a state of vibration. The human body also is a complex vibratory system that responds to all sorts of different frequencies. When one part of the body is vibrating out of ease, and out of harmony, we can project the right frequencies back into the body. The sounds and mantras Pleuni uses are powerful tools to remove blockages and stagnant energy. She intuitively guides you back to the core of who you really are.

Carmen makes you come home to yourself, into your heart. In a powerful field full of light, you will feel a sea of love flowing through your body. ‘Surrender to the divine and beautiful guided spirits’. Discover the power of healing and what it can do for you. The inner fire will burn to help you transform and manifest. The compass of your soul will lead her the way during the beautiful soundhealing. It will support you to enlightment and healing within yourself. 

As a child she already felt conneted to the power of mother nature and the great source of light. She used her hands as her healing tools and received whole movies and visions while time traveling through the journey of a soul. She feels roots into shamanic healing and uses also many healing arts like for example Merkaba, Chakra, Aura and Soul retrieval.

Wil jij deze prachtige sessie boeken? Mail dan naar: carmen@so-cee.com of vul onderstaand contact formulier in. Wil jij meer weten of Pleuni Apollonia? Bezoek dan ook eens haar prachtige website. Klik hier voor meer informatie.