Oh yes I am! I like the Dr. and his juice like ‘2 fluffy cuddle’ given presents by life. The Dr. is as sweet as his PhytoJuice and SO both good for our health.

Dr. Ludidi: “Given the hectic and stressful lifestyle that many of us lead, people find it difficult to eat a balanced diet. Stress is a main cause for abdominal discomfort and some foods can worsen symptoms. As a result, daily requirements for fruit and vegetable intake are often not met.”

SO there he introduced this PhytoJuice. ““Phyto”, means plant (Greek). PhytoJuice also refers to phi, a universal law of nature that determines that the arrangement cells and molecules in plants and other organisms are according to the golden ratio. It has even been proposed to be linked to the human genome: the arrangement of our very own DNA structures. So in some sence, it actually isn’t that strange that it is often said that “we are what we eat…”” Read more? Click here.

If I am what I eat, hmmms then I should be a glutenfree fruity, fiber rich, forgotten veggie (preferably) coated rich golddigger.

Citrus blond hair and scarves over my a bit too ripe skin (but nobody knows because I use baby oil) from the clumsily cooking points in life. Overwhelmed with cacao and shining bright through vitamin explosions. 😉


How we met? Through Instagram!! Oh yes. The positive goodvibes and healthy match, made us so far we ended up at the Vondelgym drinking coffee and offcourse a shot of … love.

From the Dr. I mean: PhytoJuice love. Because it is a perfect shot for our body to maintain/improve our health. Just like me (or someone with FODMAP); my intestines are a bit crazy since they had a big fight with Dr. Gluten (Coeliakie/gluten intollerance). He just didn’t liked me but that is fine! The only thing is that I had to find a new Dr. SO there he was with his amazing georgeous hairdo, amazing good knowledge and ready to go hand in hand with SO C(ruela)EE …

We will update you soon more and more about our collab. Hereby a little present for you so after today (eating lots of candy probably you naughty girls and boys #Sinterklaaszietalles ;)), you will boost up your body. Enjoy this frist recipe with Dr. Ludidi’s:


>> Add 1 hand frozen strawberries + 2 kiwi Gold (including skin #don’tyoudareremovingit :P!) to 1 scoop PhytoJuice PHY02 Berry Blend.
>> Add some water. Blend it all up for your first love of us. (I use: Drink up immediately!
Xx Us.