How to get enough energy while you run into busy schedules? Make yourself kind of a Snicker. 😉 You don’t want to turn into a diva while you are hungry right? You can leave these ones into the fridge for about 5 days. Besides these ones include fresh ‘Green tea leaves’. That’s why they are SO damn healthy. Check here >> why & the effects of green tea. 🙂

SO your healthy powerboat snack? Make the dough: handfull of black beans + 1 big spoon Chia seeds + 1 big spoon Tahin + 5 Medjoul dades (1 bar = 1 d.) + 1 small spoon chili (only if you like it!) + 1 spoon vanilla sugar + 1 spoon honey + cinnamon + small hand of green tea leaves >> Mix it, pure it untill you get a smooth dough.

Make snicker bars of it and top it with coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and whatever confetti you like.

SO: let’s say goodbye to the Diva in us. 

Love, xx SO CEE