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Outfit of the Bloglovin H&M Awards: lingerie bra @H&M, shoes H&M, fur jacket @Garcia Jeans by Maison PR Amsterdam, jeans @2ND One by Mint & Pepr

SO: Sunday June 19th it will be SO CEE’s first birthday party! Wiehoe yeah :D!!

It’s not that I am going to turn into baby-off 1 year old me still shitty in my little pants 😛

Haha oké maybe I sometimes still “shit in my pants” like if I am super nervous or did eat something not glutenfree (sorry for sharing, not caring ;)) but I guess you understand what I mean right? That special day one year ago, my best friends and sister came to surprise me to push with me on the online button. This meant so much to me!!

SO ENTER and uuh go?! SO and now what? 😛 Then you just wait and wait for any respond (or not haha but lucky me you liked my style, crazy fit sporty content, happy powerfood, coolstuff and columns from all lovely guest bloggers!!), without knowing what will happen next. And now I am going to celebrate this amazing birthday bash with a ‘sweet homebaked healthy glutenfree red bean Chai spiced cake’ and a glass of red wine tonight. Sharing is caring right? SO feel free to join this happy vibe <3 Next week I will give you some treats too!


Pinky promise you to bake a new one

if I allready eat it all with me, myself and my tummy … 😉

I really love sharing my blogposts to hopefully inspire you living a creative, healthy and fit lifestyle. Dreams can turn into actions if you choose for loving your body first. Trust me your body is stronger then your mind thinks. You can do it all! Like Leandra Medine @Man Repeller who makes a great fashion statement at her posts and photo’s. She will be judging the Bloglovin Awards competition 2016 in collab with H&M

“There can be combined so many pieces differently and each will be unique, but some just fit perfectly.” 


I would like to say thank you for this amazing year! Wauw it really makes me so damn happy that you are following SO CEE to wherever the unknown goes. 😉 Like my style. It doesn’t have a rule but it’s kind of a sporty energetic crazy girl-look with a sexy wink. Why is that? Because I hope people will just be proud of themselves even when life is knocking you down. Accept your imperfections, health and lifestruggles. Give them a powerboost. Beat, focus and become stronger. These are the roots of your powerfull lifestory. It’s all about finding the perfect balance. But to find this, you have to get out of your comfortzone ….

Cheers to the balance! It’s my party and I cry if I want to, cry if I want to. But offcourse I don’t want to!!

P.s. but when those freaking feminime hormons are dancing like crazy … 😉

And I dance like crazy. Like the jellyman or trying to be Usher’s ‘Boo’. 😉 Oké oké I will not say it is easy!! A lot of people allready know me now. My battle is giving me strength each day. Sometimes I feel a winner, sometimes I feel a loser. But I will always try to fade away pain, tears and take this health battle as my happy present of life. It’s been given to me because ‘I can carry it’. Someone special learned me this quote one day. I will always love life more and more and especially the people who I am surrounded with. I feel blessed. SO should we all spread the love, healthy fit goodvibes? Sharing is caring. Care for eachother, cuddle, make love, laugh, be different, make stupid jokes, laugh harder, trust your body and mind, work hard to become super fit and then enjoy life to the fullest.

Jump around in life like a Duracel bunny.

Dress up geeky, messy, crazy and
not only keep your head up, but also your bad hair days. Or cut it. 😛

Love, peace xx SO CEE


Another special thanks goes to the coolest photographer @Roy van der Wens
ollow his great work @Instagram and our fab fashion styling shoots @my blog and  Socials Instagram @soceelifestyle & Facebook SO CEE Lifestyle

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