We are all created by two matching people…

Even though they do or do not really match in person, they at least did it in one way perfectly. 😉 They made you! They teached you how to grow up. It doesn’t matter who they are. You can name them as your parents or better said; your life-coach/teachers. Even though you did it all by yourself mostly with a big handy map full of rules, there are always people needed who reached out these notes or have written the lines inside of it.


With reading these notes we start trying to be as cute as a puppy. Whisper, be happy, an oopsie woopsie from the ass and sometimes do bad things. You naughty dog! 😉

Both; good and bad are needed to grow personally. If we don’t listen, someone will hold our line probably and pull us back.

It’s just that there will never be a stop in learning. Why should we want to be the cute dog allways?

Offcourse we need to behave ourselves but I guess we only can if we did a big shit before. I think it is so nice when you become older, that learning is an unforced and welcome thing. We just want to know ourselves and the world more and more! It’s not a question if we do; we really really want to!!


The ‘on modus’ is running in our minds constantly.

Like the online internet zone. And with all these information and knowledge we can become a teacher by ourselves. Maybe in front of a class. Maybe as a parent, as a supporting friend, house pet owner, a partner in a relationship, as a boss or as … The title of your teacher tag is not about a grade. We can all learn from eachother and inspire others.