Did you know that humans are equal in our genes for 99,9%?
And that we and monkeys, are same same but different for 95 to 98%?
SO the conclusion is: We are more likely the same then we are different. ūüėČ

The most important thing about this is that we can ask ourselves this question. Why should we hate someone or have negative feelings about him/her? Is he/she so different? Probably not! Why don’t we just feel the love for ourselves and all others in the world? So now you know this, you will agree¬†right?! ūüėČ

Ok√© offcourse we don’t like everyone¬†but the mainpoint is; we don’t like to see the things in the mirror in front of us. And yes, that is highlighting all about ourselves!¬†Environmental things are the main reason we are different to that point. But hey, it’s ok√©! I am not going to blame you for that. We just all grew up by the best capacity of others. ¬†ūüėČ

Besides it is a good thing to highlight this point. The difference in our genetic code explains why our bodies respond so differently on food intakes.

Like our liver; some peolpe can handle 1-3 cups of coffee a day damn good. It is a powerfull metabolism supporter. At least, if you have the strong working enzym in your liver. If not, it is not stimulating your health but damaging it. The caffe√Įne in coffee will be too long into your body so it will not protect you to extern radicals.

Just wanted you to know that even though we are so equal, don’t compare the respond and looks of your body with someone else. Don’t be too hard on your body but be thankfull. She just carries you all the way up and forward in life. Please embrace equality in this world. We are all beautiful.¬†We all have a unique style but we are all the same. We are all inspirators. Xx SO CEE


Photocredits: Roy van der Wens

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