SO at my Instagram I allready told you Quinoa is a great foodie! Why? Quinoa is a rich foodie full with protein which is important to our cells. The heart of our cells needs protein to maintain health. We also know protein is needable for muscle growth, build up muscle tissues and recovering. Quinoa is glutenfree and it stimulates our metabolism. SO what to do when you want to loose weight?

You are not going to eat too less food, no you will add Quinoa! Because it is a hunger stiller and getting powerfull muscles combining your diet with the best trainings, you will shine like Qu(een)inoa.


Forgot to say this point. The best thing about this foodie is that if you heat it up (boil it in water untill is all absorbed), you can keep it for a few days in the fridge. After boiling, I add honey, cajun, citrus juice and mustedseeds to it. Like in this recipe below! Great for busy work weeks to make salads or put it in a breakfast bowl adding fruit and nuts. Replace the spices by fennel seeds and cinnamon or coconut and enjoy. 🙂 It takes care of your hunger feeling for a long time so double top foodie!

This one I served with red beets, smoked mackerel, cherry tomatos and spinach. You can choose to eat the veggies raw or bake it. That’s upto you! Raw means more vitamins so choose your favourite wish of your day. Add the spices above and others like garlic, salt or cumin if you like. You will love it! Xx SO CEE