Aah yes! It’s time for Nutritiomatic’s second blogpost. OH YEAH! I am a big fan of his recipes. This looks amazing right? Damn! Wish he could make me Sauto Soup or all the colorfull bowls at his Instagram page every day. 😀 All props for this guy!

Nutriomatic’s creator Sergio tells: “This is one of my favorite soups ever called Sauto Soup. It’s from the culture of the Javanese ethnic group in Indonesia, part of the Indonesian culture. And i can tell you right now that no matter how bad you feel, no matter how tired you are,  this soup will bring a sparkle in your eyes.

‘The 10 ingredients will make your tastebuds
go and dance, on your tongue,

in the round like seriously.’ 😀

I’m not playing! I share this recipe with love and I hope you guys will enjoy your soup.
1 Galangal Ginger
1 Lemongrass
1 Onion and Garlic
6 Organic Flavor Enhancer (soup)
Topped with:
Bean Sprouts
Baked Onions
Fried Rice Noodles
And Frites Chips

Dutch: “Asangra Cress is een plant die oorspronkelijk van een klein eiland in de Grote Oceaan vandaan komt. Daar word het ook weleens voor thee gebruikt. De plant heeft een licht “zuurtje” en een bloeddruk verlagende werking dat ook uitstekend past voor vettige producten en maaltijden. (Vind ik haha!) En dan de Borago ofterwijl komkommerkruid bloemetjes, eetbaar met een zachte komkommer smaak die ook nogeens super smakelijk, neutraal en zeer decoratief is.”

English: “Asangra Cress originates from a small island called Pacific where this plant is also used as a tea. The plant has a allerged antihypertensive effect with a slightly acidity that fits well for oil products and meals. (At least for me) And the Borago flower, known as borage cucumber herb and edible with a mild cucumber flavour. Which is also super tasty, neutral and decorative.”

Thank you for inspiring you! 🙂 Love, Nutriomatic