Foodie nerd: Carmen Heystek (owner SO CEE Lifestyle)

WELL HELLO THERE! In a few days I have to confront myself in the mirror. It will be my 28th birthday and that is freaking me a bit out. Getting close to your 30’s … hmms I guess every woman gets a bit heartknocking of these facts with clock clicking time bombs. My skin is getting some signs off OMG, my friends have found some grey hair allready on my head, my sleep is more important then (partying each weekend hell no possible if you want to work hard and stay fit) but I don’t care!! One of my lucky things is that people always think I am way younger so I can always say I am still in my early 20’s. 😀 (SO be proud if you are really small and use Zwitsal creme –> amazing tip of the day).

We have to accept this in life and if you are honoustly, getting older is giving you also a lot of positive sides too. You can choose what you want to do with life, which job you would like to do, how to dress up each day (or walk naked), who your friends will be, you might could buy a house (or live in your fairytree house into the wild somewhere), get pregnant, backpacking all over the world, working for a killerbody but especially working for a balanced body and mind. Through all lessons of life (you get more and more a powerfull person), you can become a strong independent person. Life didn’t knocked you down, it made you stronger and that’s what you can be proud off.

SO think back in time when it’s your birthday and celebrate the new version of you.

Be proud! You might have survived a lot of struggles, tears and pain and now you can smile back and embrace these memories as presents of life. Not even one big present at your birthday is more beautiful then these memories, your health and powerfull body and the love of your soulmate, family and friends. <3 #andinmycasealsoallofyouwhosupportmeandfollowmyblog #thankyouall #youmakemesohappy

SO with celebrating these memories I want to thank you and share this amazing easy snack recipe with you. Take all these ingredients; 6 big medjoul dades, cinamon(or cookie herbs) and cacao powder, white sesam seeds, coconut flakes and chia

Stone the dades and cut the dades into small pieces. If you put this all together in a bowl with all herbs en seeds, you can pure it and make afterwards tiny snack balls of it. I understand you will not believe it is so easy, but yes it is!! Keep some seeds or coconut flakes behind so you can roll the snack balls in it again to give it a crusty skin. (Offcourse you can also use a lot of other seeds or nuts like pumpkin, cacao nibs, smashed cashew …)

The best thing about this is that you can keep it for like 5 days in the fridge. This will take you less time at your birthday but I guess if you do so, they will all be eaten allready because the taste is so damn good! Enjoy your snack attacking today, keep it healthy and celebrate not only your birthday but life each day, just because you can.

‘Celebrate good times come on!’
Have a good day!! XX SO CEE