It doesn’t sound really nice “balls”, but these are amazing licking … I mean eat them! 
And they are probably a bit smaller then …
oké enough funny talks! 😉


Cook 100 gram quinoa and let it cool down for 30 minutes.
Stir the quinoa adding 2 tablespoon (el) peanutbutter + 1 hand spinach + 1 hand basil (both cutted into small slices). Add some seasalt.
Make small balls of the quinoa mix. Bake these at each side so that the quinoa gets a ‘hard balls jacket’ 😉 … in a frying pan adding sunflower oil.
Serve with some mayo, Chili or guacamole.

Oké I don’t know which balls you will prefer
in the end. But one thing is sure; these are amazing! It’s a not guilty power snack after your intensive workout. Let’s ring the balls!