The weirdest thing at this planet is that there really is a secret world hidden for our eyes. In each of us there is an unknown spot for the cool people. This place is ours. We don’t want to let anyone in it! But yes, that is probably the one thing that made you; YOU!

SPECIAL THANKS: Shoes: @Wednesday Whiskey Fashion @DryLake by @BrandStudioFashionAgencyPhotography: Roy van der Wens

Shoes: @Wednesday Whiskey / jacket @Dry Lake / shirt @TheSting / Short @VanDijk

Don’t hide that world. Share it and you will discover, the walls will break into open fields. People will hugg you for it. And they will feel more connected if you do so. But hey; there is also another hidden world. And exactly that world should not be here at all.

War, racism, hate, violence … there are too much painfull hidden worlds of these ones. Let us open these locks. Together we can make this world one happy playground.

Let us help. Let us do.