The most beautiful and breathtaking thing at this planet is that what we can’t see with our eyes. It is a secret world hidden for our eyes. Or is it hidden because you choose to not see it? We call it the ‘quantum mechanics world.’ If you focus, you can feel this energy frequencies. These frequencies are really important to us. The way you feel is alligned with this secret world. The place where we hide our deepest hurts and emotions. If we are able to take these blockades out of our secret world, amazing healing affects can happen to you!

Shoes: @Wednesday Whiskey / jacket @Dry Lake / shirt @TheSting / Short @VanDijk

Don’t hide that world. If you refuse to see it, you will get more hurt. Heal all your conscious and non-conscious bloakdes. and you will discover, the walls will break into open fields.

Not only you will love yourself more deeply but also other people will hugg you for it. Your energy frequencies will be raised so they would like to feel more connected. But hey; there is also another hidden world. And exactly that world we can see, we refuse to see it as well.

War, racism, hate, violence … there are too many painfull secret worlds in all of us and around us. The energy field knows this and feels this. Let us open and heal all these locks. Together we can make this world a loved and happy playground for all of us.

Let us help. Please let us do. 

SPECIAL THANKS: Shoes: @Wednesday Whiskey Fashion @DryLake by @BrandStudioFashionAgencyPhotography: Roy van der Wens