I think you kinda missed my foodposts a bit right? OMG sorry for that but I was too busy working on all kinds of projects. And excuse me if you blame me but it is all for you babes! To inspire you more and more in the future with health and sport posts, coolstuff, fashion, food, travel, dreams …

SO are you allready excited and kissing me on the cheeks? Oké oké I forgive you 😉

If you really like it then you could maybe apply for becomming a guestblogger at SO CEE’s lifestyle blog 😀 I would love that!!! (sorry unpaid but how fab is your portfolio becomming over then?! uhuhuhuh!! yeah!) Send me this amazing note about which subject suits you bests, good photo’s (portfolio shot) and ideas to –> really looking forward finding great hotspot, interior, coolstuff and creative artwork guestbloggers!

I would love to hear from you!! But here are first 2 scrambled egg options. What is so good about it? It is great weekend stuff when you are having a hangover or after a powerfull crossfit and strength

And best, best super best about it? It is great to take away!! Wrap it up and take this protein rich eggie with you in the waggie.

(Sorry only Dutch understand this but never mind it means something like: great lunch option to take with you in the car or at the office). Or to eat this at home, after a training as a quick lunch or hangover breakfast in the weekend. 😉

SO option 1: scrambled egg with smoked ham, brie (I use goatcheese in stead of normal), basil leaves (one hand full), dried ginger, onion. Bake the onions first in olive oil. Then blend the brie with the eggs and the basil. Add this to the baked onions and add also some slices of the smoked ham. Add as much other herbs if you like to and turn your egg using another plate to bake both sides crunchy. Enjoy this first recommendation 😉 –> Read below option 2.

Option 2: scrambled egg with basil, broccoli, your favourite color pepper, bacon and serve with some mayonsaise. –> Make sure you bake the veggies first en when they are almost ready to eat, you bake the scrambled egg, bacon and the basil with it. Don’t forget to serve it with some green lettuce. You might have a festival or party hangover so take a good care of your body with not only eating healthy fat and protein but also vitamins, minerals and fiber to recover today.  😉

So throw it over the veggies and let it come all together to rock and roll later in your body 😉 Xx SO CEE