HEALTHY CAKE TIP DURING HOLIDAYS? Make this yellow carrot cake with lemon creme. YummYumm!! Wish you happy SinterX-mas days & sweet treats …. XX Love, SO RASP: 5 big yellow carrots & mix with 3 eggs, 1 spoon cinamon, 2 big spoons coconut oil (melted), 2 big spoons honey, 2 spoons backing powder (I use glutenfree), 200 grams of ricemeal and if you would like to make this for December 5th; add 1,5 spoon speculaas herbs.

BAKE IT: 190 degrees – about 38 minutes – oven

LEMON CREME: Mix Alpro Soja creme + 1/2 rasped and squized fresh lemon + 1 spoon