In the session with Carmen I’ve got to experience a deep sense of acknowledgement. I’ve got to be seen in places that never saw any daylight. Places that, I’d hide so deeply, that I even couldn’t see it myself. 

And then, in divine timing I met Carmen, and she looked straight through me. She helped me to become aware of these hidden places, to acknowledge them and by finally acknowledging them I could release the tension attached to these places. Energies that were so present in my system, and yet, so invisible. But they were holding me back from stepping in my fullest potential. 

Carmen helped me to clear those energies, and I felt an instant remembrance of my oh so worthy magic that is flowing inside of me.

Space was created to let my lifeforce move through me again. 

Space was created to open up. 

Space was created to stand for my needs. 

And months later, I feel this was a very important step in my journey. I feel from this moment on I’ve got to experience a sense of safety, in which I could allow upgrades and activations to happen. A safety within myself in which I am growing into my deepest and truest self.

It’s beautiful to reflect back on it while tuning into this session again, because it makes me realize how much happened so rapidly after, in such a sustainable way! During and after the session a lot that was waiting for me to step in ‘just clicked’. And I am still carrying it with me with a lot of love and gratitude. 🦋

It feels so special, to have crossed paths with Carmen, who has the beautiful gift to fully truly see someone, to pass over information that comes through her crystal clear with a source of unconditional love, completely attuned on where someone is ready for. 

I felt so seen. And from that moment on, I could see myself again! 💫

With love, Jente

Jente is a special soul who is a beautiful dancer. She expresses lightlanguage with her body language while connecting to the universe and receiving this in a fully open heart space. Follow her beautiful journey on Instagram @jente_fenna