I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Carmen. I had the possibility to experience one of her healings.  Having never received a treatment like this before, I felt curious and a strong ‘yes’ to dive into this experience. This was amplified in the weeks leading up to the appointment and it felt perhaps subconsciously as if the work that was going to come had on some layers already begun. 

When I arrived at Carmen’s house I was welcomed and we spoke about the treatment, my boundaries and how the next few hours could and perhaps would unfold. 

As we began, I lay on the massage bed and shortly after making gentle contact she began. 
Through her physical connection I felt as though my whole body was being mapped so that she could direct the healing as and where was needed. The experience blended in to a continual flow of energetic cleansing through her attentive loving touch. I felt completely supported and a strong longing to totally trust this process. As we drifted onwards my mind allowed itself to switch off and create space for the healing sensations in my body to grow. My whole being was flooded with loving energy. 

Much time passed and this state of gentile consciousness continued as she moved around my body making contact in different places along the way.

Eventually & unfortunately we had come to an end. As my awareness slowly began to resurface it seamed as if I was floating back in to my body which was filled with sensations of lightness & a prominent flow of energy through my hands. . This feeling lasted for hours, perhaps days or even weeks. The ongoing results of the healing are still unfolding on many levels, some subtle, some more obvious. 

The remarkable way in which Carmen expresses her ability through this treatment is a true gift to anyone that can experience it. I am extremely thankful to have had the chance to receive this from her.